300 Main Street

If we look hard enough, there is a trail of clues that leads to a road stretching back over 300 years, that winds from coast to coast, Main Street to Main Street, and ends at the heart of America.

A landmark 13-part documentary series in development with WLIW/WNET, NY.

The America we know today is a country of high-speed culture, a super-sized economy and restless energy. Behind the noise of our capitalism-for-fun-and-profit image, there is a quiet dignity that serves the wisdom behind our youthful energy. This combination of resilience, ingenuity, compassion, style and humor is rooted in many places across this country - in a network of small towns that have existed for over 300 years. These towns hold the smallest parts of what America is, and define the collective magic we call the American spirit.

"300 Main Street" is an urban archeological expedition to the foundation of America. This is not a story about battles and patriots, but a search for the things that shaped and inspired us to be who we are today. Following a map marked by clues left behind - by land and structures, photographs and music, objects and stories - it will lead us to our history, as descendants of early towns founded by pioneers and idealists before the birth of our nation.

Over three centuries ago, towns were built along a stretch of road that became a street by the community that grew around it. That main street was the center of daily life, and everything important was reflected in its windows. We live in a future never dreamed of then, but in so many ways, we are the direct result of the raw energy and pioneering spirit of those times. And if we look hard enough, there is a trail of clues that leads to a road that stretches over 300 years, that winds from coast to coast, Main Street to Main Street, and ends at the heart of America.

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George R. Lovelock, Executive Producer