The Food Experience

When the Goths defeated Rome in 410, they demanded a ransom of 3,000 pounds of pepper to spare the lives of its citizens. They also required Rome to pay them 300 pounds of pepper per year. In 1885, a year before Coca-Cola was invented, a pharmacist in Waco, Texas created Dr Pepper - a quirky combination of 23 fruit juices, but no pepper. What's the connection? - the taste of food has always been a powerful part of life - from the Goths demanding spicy food, to the immense popularity of soft drinks that inspired images and slogans etched in our life and pop culture.

Today, we enjoy the most diverse choice of food in history - a vast blend of foods from regions of our country to remote corners of the world. When you consider the universe of cooking styles, recipes, ingredients, and ways to prepare food - like music and art - the world of food is as rich and boundless as the creativity behind it. TFX takes a broader look at food - in the context of fashion and style, politics and music - to both remind us and enrich our appreciation of the food experience.


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