Across America, small towns and cities have suffered the effects of a poor farming economy, population flight, storms, floods, regional shopping malls, highway bypasses that draw customers away from traditional downtown areas, and the general neglect of historic architecture. But there is a change taking place—Across America, people are realizing that a faster-paced future of highways and malls is costing something valuable—our history. More than Main Streets and structures, part of our lives was being lost -a foundation of memories, a richness - a cornerstone of the life we hope to build for our future.

"On Main Street" is a chronicle of this revolution - a national radio feature that will tell the stories of towns, structures and people: of history and progress, to educate and inspire its listeners. "On Main Street" will highlight the stories behind the work of the National Trust for Historic Presservation as part of the renaissance of America's past as an important part of America's future.

Whether a parade marches on the Fourth of July, people rush through their busy days, or skateborders ride the edges of the curb, they are all reflected in the windows along our Main Streets, and are a reflection of a time in America's future history. Preserving our Main Streets, and historic homes enriches our time, and the times to come.


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George R. Lovelock, Executive Producer

National Trust for Historic Preservation

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