A Classic Season

Great stories behind the greatest game.

A two-minute, national radio feature slated for Spring 2007.

The things that make baseball such a great sport appeal in different ways to people of all ages and interests. Baseball has many levels of enjoyment, from the simplicity of the concept, to the skill of athletes, to the chess-like complexity of strategies. "A Classic Season" presents true stories of games, players and coaches who captured - in the swing of a bat, a perfect pitch, an act of sportsmanship or courage, a diving catch, a strategic move, or a simple act of kindness - the best of the sport. Together, the broadcasts that make up this daily, national radio series, create a classic season of baseball's greatest stories.


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A Classic Season

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Produced in cooperation with the major league National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, NY. National Baseball Hall of Fame

George R. Lovelock, Executive Producer